National Research Conference and Exhibition on Indigenous Medicine -2017

Curriculum Workshop - 2016

Siddha Medicos week-2016

சுதேச மருத்துவ தேசிய ஆராய்ச்சி மாநாடும் கண்காட்சியும் 2017

Siddha Medicos 2016- Students in Action


Wishes for the 32nd Convocation

We wish all who are honoured with Degree of Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery at the 32nd Convocation to be held on 10-11 January 2017


  1. SM-BoM Meeting- 14.12.2016, 2.00 pm
  2. NRCEIM -2017 Advisory Committee Meeting
  3. NRCEIM – 2017 Progress Monitoring Meeting
  4. SM Staff Meeting

Siddha Students study visit to Keechankulam on 16.11.2016

Siddha Medicine students visited Keechankulum, Mullaitivu district to study about the Medicinal plants grown in those areas. This visit was very useful to them to identify many herb grown naturally and to understand their biodiversity.



Land for expansion

The Unit of Siddha Medicine has already submitted proposal for upgrading it as an Institute of Siddha Medicine and it is in progress. Meanwhile the Unit of Siddha Medicine wishes to request you to help us to obtain lands adjacent/in Kaithady to the Unit for its necessary expansion. Those are willing pl contact the Head/Siddha Medicine (021 2057146)