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IQAC – Siddha Medicine

Link for the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Unit of Siddha Medicine

Members of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell 2023/2024

S.No Name
1 Dr. (Ms.) V. Sanmugarajah/ Coordinator
2 Dr. (Mrs.)V. Sathiyaseelan / Head
3 Dr. S. Sivashanmugarajalh /Member
4 Dr. (Ms.) A. Sritharan /Member (On Sabbatical Leave)
5 Dr. (Ms.) T. Thileepan /Member
6 Dr. (Ms.) K. Sounthararajan /Member
7 Dr.(Ms)S. Sivagnanam /Member
8 Dr.(Mrs.) S. Sivarajah / Member
9 Dr.(Mrs.) N. Nithiyakumar / Member
10 Dr. T. Viyajakumar /Member (NP)
11 Dr.(Ms).R. Sugeevan / Member
12 Dr.(Mrs.)K. Sujeethasai / Member
13 Dr.(Mrs.) S . Nithiyapriya / Member
14 Dr.(Mrs.) V. Milano Prasad /Member
14 Mr.G.Nerujan / Student Representative
15 Ms. Shamrakshiny Student /Representative


  1. Student feedback for each subject – At end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd term.
  2. Quarterly report for each “Department”