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IQAC – Siddha Medicine

Programme Review for Unit of Siddha Medicine will be scheduled on February 2020. Therefore, the activities related to the PR are ongoing.  The academic staff were appointed as the members of the 8 committees for this purpose.

Link for the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Unit of Siddha Medicine

Members of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell 2020

  1. Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sounthararajan – Chairman
  2. Dr. (Mrs.) S. Panchrajah
  3. Dr. (Mrs) T. Kumutharanjan
  4. Dr. (Mrs.) A. Sritharan
  5. Dr. (Mrs.) T. Thileepan
  6. Dr. (Ms.) V. Sanmugarajah
  7. Dr. (Mrs.) N. Sivaram
  8. Dr. (Mrs.) V. Milano Prasad
  9. Ms. Mohamed Azmi Fathima Imza (4th BSMS)
  10. Mr. Jegatheeswaran Vithusan (2nd BSMS)


  1. Student feedback for each subject – At end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd term.
  2. Quarterly report for each “Department”