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First Meeting with Alumni of Siddha Medicine on 01.10.2016


  1. Dr.(Mrs).Sailajah Sivarajah
  2. Dr.I.Jebanamaganeshan
  3. Dr.(Mrs).K.Sounthararajan
  4. Dr.(Mrs).Navaluxmy Nithyiakumar
  5. Dr.(Ms).Sugajini Navaratnam
  6. Dr.K.Kokilan
  7. Dr.(Ms).Nitharsini Vijayamoorthy
  8. Dr.(Mrs). Kirusaany Kanarajan
  9. Dr.(Ms) Uthayalajini Uthayanathan
  10. 10.Dr(Mrs) Vivian Sathiyaselan Head/Siddha Medicine
  11. Prof.G.Mikunthan (Chairman/SMBoM)
  12. Dr.K.Velauthamoorthy (Alumni Officer, UoJ & Member SMBoM)

In the history of Siddha Medicine of University of Jaffna, first meeting with Alumni was held on 01.10.2016 at 9.00 am on the first day of auspicious day of “Navaraththiri Pooja“. Chairman/BoM briefed the importance of the Association and requested all the members to join and to work for the formation of the Association. Dr.K.Velayuthamoorthy (Alumni officer of UoJ) distributed the forms and requested the members to give suggestions to modify the form according to their need. After lengthy discussion it was decided

  1. to form a Working committee to finalize the Constitution of the Alumni Association to get the approval of the Council. Members in the Working Committee are Dr.(Mrs.) Sounthararajan  (Coordinating person to this Working Committee), Dr.I Jebanamaganeshan, Dr (Mrs.) Shailaja Kokulan, Dr.S.Aravinthan, Dr (Mrs.) N. Nithiyakumar, Dr.S.Kandeepan, Dr.(Ms.) N.Suthajini.
  2. to modify the Membership form and to make it available in the website
  3. requesting the members to fill the forms and to register

Members expressed their happiness for being associated with the Unit of Siddha Medicine through this association.















Initiatives are taken to form the Siddha Alumni Association of University of Jaffna. A meeting is organized to have the preliminary discussion with the Alumni of Siddha Medicine at the Unit of Siddha Medicine on 01.10.2016. Alumni Association is the forth pillar of the Siddha Medicine, which active role is needed to have strong association of its graduates with Unit Siddha Medicine. The could assist, advice, participate in the activities of Siddha Medicine and help to promote the Siddha Medicine outside the world. They are occupying may key administrative and academic roles in different sectors and their association will strengthen the Siddha Medicine Unit of University of Jaffna

Participants of the first meeting:

Prof G.Mikunthan – Chairman/Siddha Board of Management

Dr.K.Velayuthamoorthy- Member/Siddha Board of Management & Alumni officer of the University of Jaffna

Dr.(Mrs.) V.Sathiyaseelan – Head/Siddha Medicine

Alumni members


  1. Welcome address – Chairman/BoM
  2. Address by Dr.K.Velayuthamoorthy
  3. Preliminary Committee to draft Consitution of the Alumni of Siddha Medicine
  4. Feed back of Alumni members
  5. Vote of thanks – Head/Siddha Medicine

Date: 01.10.2016

Time: 9.00 am

Venue: Board room of Unit of Siddha Medicine, UoJ