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About IRCSM 2022

3rd International Research Conference on Siddha Medicine

(3rd IRCSM- 2022)

27th – 30th of January 2022

Organized by Unit of Siddha Medicine, University of Jaffna

Virtual Conference


The Indigenous system of Medicine in Sri Lanka consists of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy, and Traditional Medicine. Siddha Medicine is one of the oldest and revealed systems of the traditional medical system of Tamils which came through the Dravidian culture in the period of the Indus valley civilization. The history of Siddha Medicine revealed that it is established through Guru parambarai system begins with Lord Shiva (Uruthira Parambarai). Sage Agasthiyar disseminated this knowledge through the Siddhar Parambarai to all the human beings in ancient times. Now Siddha Medicine is one of the recognized traditional medical systems of Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka. Sage Agastya is called the father of Siddha Medicine. John Muththaiyapillai quoted in his “Siddha Vaithiya Chikitsai Kiramum,” according to “YazhpanaVaipavaVimarsanam” stated that the Siddha Medicine was originated in “Singainagar” (Katkovalam) which is located in the Point Pedro during the period of Arya Emperor. Later it was Shifted Singai Nagar at Nallur Rasathani. There was Tamil Vaithiya Pandit Saba (Society of Tamil Medical expert) was established and they collected and compiled all the “Vaithiya Sasthiras” which were available during the period. It was named the kings of Pararajesekaram and Sekarajasekaram were the kings at that time and launched at the Kings Saba by the Vaithiya Society. Now, these two books are the Treasures of the Siddha Medicine.

The First Siddha Ayurveda Medical College was established by Mr. J. Bastiampillai in 1925 at Jaffna. This system was established along with Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine in 1977 at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. At the request of Tamil educationalists, the Siddha section was transferred to the University of Jaffna from the IIM, the University of Colombo on the 2nd of July 1984 as a department under the Faculty of Arts. The department of Siddha Medicine commenced its academic functions at Kaithady. The department of Siddha Medicine became a separate Unit under the direct administration of the Vice-Chancellor on the 1st of October 1993. The Board of Management to the Unit of Siddha Medicine was established in 2003 to make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor on matters pertaining to academic, administration, rehabilitation, and reconstruction, and students’ welfare. Now Steps were taken to upgrade the Unit of Siddha Medicine as a Faculty of Siddha Medicine. The Unit is producing competent Siddha Graduates. These Graduates are getting employment as Medical Officers in Siddha Ayurvedic Hospitals in Sri Lanka. 1st Conference and Exhibition was conducted at the National level in 2017 followed by 2nd and 3rd were organized at an international level. All of the conferences were organized jointly with the Department of Indigenous Medicine, Northern Province. Further, the Unit of Siddha Medicine has started to release newsletters once in the year since 2017. The staff of the Unit of Siddha Medicine has decided to conduct a third International Research Conference on Siddha Medicine on 27th – 30th January 2022. This is a Hybrid Conference (Physically in Person + Virtually Live Online). This will provide a platform for the enhancement of the knowledge and dissemination of the research findings of the students, Siddha Physicians, and academics from different fields. Further, it will help to strengthen and collaborate with Traditional physicians and Researchers who are in National and international Universities.

 Specific objectives

  1. To disseminate their research finding of the researchers in different fields
  2. To create the platform to the academics, students and practitioners to present their papers
  3. To enhance the knowledge of Indigenous Medicine among the medical practitioners.
  4. To collaborate with other fields for enhancing the knowledge of Siddha Medicine
  5. To create the awareness to do research among the students


 “Enhance Immunity for Healthy Life through Siddha Medicine”

Tracks of the International Research Conference-2022

  • Health & Indigenous Medicine
  • Natural Resources & Indigenous  Medicine
  • Manuscriptology & Medical Astrology
  • Siddha Literatures & Yoga therapy
  • Food & Nutrition

Important days for IRCSM-2022

Registration fees:

Office bearers

Chairperson: Head/ Siddha Medicine {Dr. (Ms.) Thayalini Thileepan}

Convener: Dr. (Ms.) Vinotha Sanmugarajah

Secretary: Dr. (Ms.) Sivarangini Sivagnanam

Treasurer: Dr. (Mrs.) Kalaichchelvi Sounthararajan

Joint Editors: Dr. (Mrs.) Sailajah Sivarajah & Dr. Thavarasah Vijayakumar

Preconference Workshop Coordinator:  Dr. S. Sivashanmugarajah