Report on Clinical Lectures for Aruvai Maruthuvam at Gampaha Wikiramararaichi Ayurveda Institute, University of Kelaniya Jakala

The clinical lectures at Gampaha Wikiramararaichi Ayurveda Institute, Jakala for Aruvai Maruthuvam was arranged by Dr. (Mrs.) S. Pancharajah for the final BSMS students (30th Batch) from 28.01.2019 to 01.02.2019. This lectures were conducted by Dr A.A Pushpakumara.

Thirty seven Final BSMS students (37) were enrolled in this programme. He clearly demonstrate the surgical methods for Inguinal Hernia (Kudal Andam), Anal Fistula (Puntharam), Renal stone (Kalladaippu Noi), Gall stone (Pitta Kallu), Varicose Vein (Narampu Chilanthi), Corns (Aanikkudu) and Piles (Eruvaimulai Noi) on 28th,30th of January and 1st of February. He also delivered lectures on Akni Karma, preparation of Sharaa and usage of Shaara on 29th, 31st of January.

Students also got the skill to withdraw the blood (Siraviyatha) for Varicose Vein and insert the Karththiri for fistula. In addition the students visited to modern panchakarma unit located in Kiribathgoda, where they have seen the cupping method (Hijaama), and water therapy for different disease condition.

They also gained knowledge in preparation of culture media to culture organism and antimicrobial activity against certain pathogens.

This clinical lectures were very useful to the students to enrich their knowledge and skills.